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 Jilted to Perfection 

 A Musical by 

 Debra Cook 

Imagine a Wooster Group-style autobiographical monologue—think Spaulding Gray or Eric Bogosian—but presented as a stream-of-consciousness solo musical, and you’d have an idea of Debra Cook’s funny and poignant Jilted to Perfection, getting a showcase as part of the New York New Works Theatre Festival.
[there are] many unexpected and wonderful twists in this marvelous mini musical.
Robert Viagas, Author, editor, journalist, and critic with more than 20 years experience on Broadway
Every note came directly from her heart. It touched everyone . . .
-Jan Ewing, Author and New York Theater Critic

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Bel Raggio Lusinghier

Why Does Daddy Hit Me?

First Sight

The Four Divorce Mambo

Jilted Kiss


Surrendering Heart

Jodie Foster's Father is a Con Man

King's Peak

Big Guy


Please Come Back

The Good Fight Hallelujah