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Free Resources for teachers, students, and musicians

As a music educator, my goal is to create high quality music and other resources for teachers, students, and musicians.  Some of these resources are in development still and need some tweaking before being published, some are things that I did for specific students and never intended to develop any further.  As such, I hope to make many things that may be useful for others available free of charge, as I often made many of these resources because I was on a limited budget myself.  Comments are greatly appreciated on how to improve any of these resources that I've made available.  If you use these resources, send me a message about how it was useful.

Tim's Blog

As I'm currently in the process of migrating some of these resources over to this site, most of my free resources will be available from the blog I created for the purpose of allowing other teachers the use of these resources.  Watch for new resources here and on my blog!

Free Violin Resources
Free Learning Resources: Bow and Instrument Care
Charts for Violin
Original Music for Violin
Scales for Violin
(These pages are portions from the Rohwer Music Studio Method Book for Violin)
Free Piano Resources
Free Arrangements
Free Transcriptions